Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Stuff Dreams are Made of

…well sort of if your dream is to sell your home, buy an RV and go on the road. We finally made it out of Denver late afternoon on Monday May 24 but due to high winds and less than ideal weather conditions, we only drove to Chief Hosa campground just west of Denver. It is a pleasant little park that is part of the Denver Mountain Parks system. For the first night in 5 days we slept well without the nervousness of being stranded in a parking lot or worrying about a truck. Bright and early I got up to walk the dogs through the pine trees before we showered, dumped (waste water that is) and were on our way.

Old BLU was fantastic. We eased up the passes without any trouble. Wow! This truck wasn’t even stressed at the thought of pulling our trailer over Vail pass at 10,660 feet elevation. The engine brake kicked in and we glided down without any issues on dry roads under blue Colorado skies.

We have signed on as seasonal employees of the city of Rifle and are parked next to Rifle creek at the camp host site in Rifle Mountain Park. Oh, it is so lovely to hear only the creek and nothing else. Now, this is our dream! We did two laps on 80 Feet of Meat (for those who don’t know, it is a rock climb that most do as a warm up here in Rifle Mountain Park) and now Tony is whipping up a tasty dinner of migas. This was preceded by a celebratory champagne toast to camp hosting and dreams (thank you Martha and Gregg!).

Back to BLU. The name makes me think of a blue tick hound which is contradictory to the pretty blue paint job and more analogous to Babe the Blue Ox. Anyway, the main reason for buying BLU is that it was set up from the factory for a 5th wheel hitch which enabled us to get out of town quicker. We sold the almost new B&W companion hitch in hours after posting on Craigslist. BLU is a 2011 Ford F350 Super Cab long bed Lariat trim truck. It is excessive in a different way than BAT and is a very comfortable ride. As of now we are happy with the power and handling that BLU offers after pulling over 2 high mountain passes. With less than 200 miles on the truck when we headed out of town, we took it easy and just let everyone in zippy cars zoom past. Well, there were a few semi trucks that thundered past, but BLU didn’t take offense.

Quote of the day…’this just doesn’t suck’.

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Joseph Crotty said...

Thanks for posting! Great read ... I'll be a regular. Psyched you pulled the plug on "reality" and are making a change. Live your dreams!