Monday, June 14, 2010

Slow Rainy Day

Just before dawn today June 12, the skies opened, the wind whipped, the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled. What a way to awaken! We scrambled to cover our solar panels (paranoid???) to protect them from the hail. We then brewed some coffee and toured the campground to make sure no one was flooded. After some sunshine false pretenses, the clouds closed in and it rained. This meant there would not be any picnickers and only the committed climbers in the canyon.

What to do?
1) vacuum
2) spot clean the carpet
3) mop the vinyl floors
4) start a kiefer culture
5) yoga
6) show the community house to next's week reservation
7) cruise the canyon - makes it look like we're working
8) download bike rides from the Garmin onto the computer
9) debate whether to make sugar cookies and test the oven
10) run the generator for a couple hours to charge the batteries since the sun won't be out
11) read a book
12) can't really do any campground improvements since it is so wet
13) have a cup of tea
14) cruise the campground - why? not sure, but again it makes us look occupied
15) sharpen the kitchen knives
16) challenge the iPhone to a game of solitaire and lose
17) break down and make sugar cookies with great success
18) play MarioKart on the Nintendo DS
19) watch 2 movies
20) drive 10 miles to get cell phone reception so we can check the weather


Unknown said...

What about cleaning out the sock drawer?? Oh, that's right, you haven't had the drawer long enough to warrant a cleaning!!!!

shellih said...

I love item #20, you drove 10 miles to get cell phone reception to check that it was raining?

Peggy said...

@Mike - Yeah, the sock drawer got hit. The drawers aren't very big and of course the desired sock of the day is never on top.

@Shelli - Ok. Fine. Details! We had to drive 10 miles to get reception so we could check the weather forecast for the next day.