Monday, July 12, 2010


Sometimes when you try to multitask the results can be amusing. 

Earlier I attempted to combined climbing and restocking toilet paper in the canyon port-a-johns.  Allow me to set the stage.  Peggy & I are wrapping up laps on Cardinal Sin.  There are three groups at this end of the Meat Wall.  One of the groups knows Peggy & I and the other does not.  The pair that does not know us is eavesdropping.  I am carrying extra rolls of TP on the exterior of my backpack--visible to all. 

We are chatting with the group that knew us about annual passes and that we could sell them one.  The other climber group jumps into the conversation something like this:

Climber: "You are the Park Host?"
Me:  "Yes."
Climber:  "So that is why you have so much toilet paper."
Me:  "Yes.  I'm restocking the johns."
Climber:  "That's a relief.  We thought that you had just returned from Europe with a bad stomach bug and were very prepared."

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