Sunday, August 15, 2010

I saw a bear...

I went out for an usual mountain bike ride not really expecting anything new or different.  Cranking up the mountain and approaching 9000 ft, I spied a waddling furry creature just before it disappeared around a corner. 

"Hmm what was that?", crossed my mind.  A few pedal strokes more and I had my answer.  It was a bear.  In my mind a huge bear on the road that I needed to continue riding. The bear on all fours would have had its shoulders at the level of my bike's top tube.  It was likely a black bear.  In my mind a man eater or at least a mountain biker eater. 

My mind raced through all the tactics I been told to scare away bears.  The only one that I could employ was make noise.  I'm at 9000" and I've been climbing for a bit longer than an hour.  So my mind was not completely clear.  The only noise repetitive noise that came to mind was a Monty Python skit commonly known as SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.

So here I am yelling as loud as I could, "I'll have the spam, spam, eggs, spam and spam."  I'm really glad no one else was around as this could have been bad for my reputation!

It worked.  Bears must not like spam.


Brian Lehman said...

That's hilarious! Is there any good biking around Rifle Tony? I'm biking all the time now, but I'd really like to see my long lost climbing friends at Rifle.

Tony said...

There is one pretty good trail right outside of the park--Three Forks (FST 2150). It is best coming down so I generally take one of the roads up then bomb down the single track for 25 or 30 miles depending on route.

I heard there is some good bike around the Roan Cliffs but haven't checked it out. In any case unless you exclusively want single track the forest service roads just out of RMP are great training grounds for long miles.

Did you race Winter Park this year?