Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laundry Day

Of all the conveniences associated with a traditional house, I miss having a washer and dryer. I can live without a dishwasher, I can live with the smaller refrigerator and stove. I can live with the small shower and toilet cubby. But, I am having troubles adjusting to doing laundry once every two weeks at the laundromat. It takes no less than $20 and 2 hours (just at the mat). While the time does allow me to create blog posts such as this and all the laundry gets done, I would rather be climbing this afternoon.

Really, the laundromat restricts my ability to multi-task. For example while the a load is washing, I could clean the whole trailer. While that same load is drying, I could start a second load of wash and take the dogs for a walk. Or better yet, after hanging a load out to dry we could walk down canyon and go climbing. There would not be a 4 hour trip to town. The only multi-taksing that really occurs with laundry day is library time (aka internet time).

The first time we did laundry we went to the mat in Rifle. Several years ago we had used this facility and it was enjoyable as a laundromat can be. However, it is now very dirty, hot and expensive. We actually have come to find that all laundromats in this area are expensive. We heard through the grapevine that Silt had a decent facility and to go there. So, the next 3 trips we went to Silt. The mat there is clean, large and of course expensive. It is a good place to do laundry as it is not busy, there are seats near wall plugs and it isn't too far from the canyon. All in all, a 'pleasant' laundry experience despite the temperamental large load washers.

This week we decided it was time for haircuts and to combine laundry day with haircut day. This meant a trip to the "big city", Glenwood Springs. The laundromat we found in Glenwood Springs is also a dry cleaning facility so there is an attendant. It is clean and has several new bulk load washers. This is an excellent thing as we come loaded with 2 weeks worth of climbing clothes, sheets, towels and other miscellaneous items. Then, with only 6 minutes left on the washing machines, the power went out. Agh! Oh, the tragedy. When the power came back on the attendant moved our clothes to different washers and finished the cycle. Then, he turned to me and said 'It is a free wash today". Oh joy! We have decided that we will return to this mat the rest of the summer even though it is further away. McDonalds is a 30 second stroll across the parking lot where they have free WiFi. Multi-tasking complete.


Tony said...

I love free WiFi. It takes me places that I usually wouldn't hang out such as Rifle Rest Area, Qboda, McDonalds, and some I would such as Starbucks. It's odd how long it has taken Corp-America to learn how easy it is to attract freeloaders!

Unknown said...

I like your blog. Keep sharing. I blogged and loved it for a year while I wrote my first book. I haven't been active of late, but want to start again when climbing season is over. You can see it at

Don mcGrath