Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sure signs you live in a rural community

You may wonder what life is like outside the big city or perhaps you have questioned whether or not where you live is indeed rural. Well, now I have taken the time to put my powers of observation to good use and define the sure signs of a rural community.

1) There are more pickup trucks than sedans.
2) 90% of the pickup trucks are utilized to haul or tow something. These are real trucks with real purpose.
3) Camouflage trim or full camouflage paint is common on pickup trucks
4) The fuel station sells dyed diesel. For the uninformed, this is for farm use only.
5) The neighbors have a working ranch and their dogs work.
6) Signage is posted stating 'Open Range' and sure enough, there is a cattle drive.
7) Cowboy boots are not for show.
8) Costco is closed on Sunday.
9) Tofu is not stocked in the local super market and the best vegetarian option in town is Taco Bell.
10) The fair grounds advertise Ranch Sorting and Mutton Busting on Tuesdays.

There you have it. The 10 most common indicators that you are in a rural community.

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