Thursday, September 2, 2010

Losing Track of Time

We officially began our journey of life on the road on May 19, 2010. It has taken three months for us to completely unwind and relax. Finally, we have the glorious issue of losing track of the day, date and time. As a camp host, one should know the date so campers can date their checks and payment envelopes appropriately. However, it is increasingly common for us to rely on the park users to tell us the date. We are sleeping later and using it as an excuse to make an extra pot of coffee.

What day is it?
You sure?
Not really.

What is the date today?
I have no idea. Check the camper's envelopes; someone is sure to have it right.

Wow! It's 6:30pm!
Really? I have no concept of what time it is. If you would have asked me, I would have said it was 4:30.

What time is it?
Oh boy. I haven’t slept that late in years! I was pretty sure it was only 8:00am.

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Unknown said...

We just got the retirement out of the way and leave next week on our travels. Can't wait for those experiences. We are already sleeping later but my guess is our decompression will take about the same amount of time. Enjoy!!