Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clemmer Trail, Ocoee, TN

In full winter biking gear (boot covers, heavy gloves, pants, etc) I froze my way through the Clemmer Trail above the Ocoee Lake; another fantastic mountain biking trail in Tennessee.

My ride was bedazzled with snow, clouds, wind and frigid air temperatures in the high 20’s and covered just less than 12 miles with 1300’ of total elevation gain.  I intended to ride more of the area’s trail network but the weather was colder than the clothes I wore--not expected this far south.

The majority of the climbing was packed into the first two miles of the ride and, on the way back, was the downhill that froze the boot covered toes.  The trail is wider than what would be classically considered singletrack, but is not double track--just ample room to accommodate multiple uses in both directions.  The climb is lined with rhododendrons that would make a spring ride even more spectacular.  Once on top the trail is fast hard pack up to the Chilhowee Recreation area, location of a civil war battle.

I rode this as an out and back journey.  There are many options to make this a loop or a lollipop ride.  When I get a chance to come back for warmer riding, I will also check out the Tanasi Trail system just up the road and an IMBA epic ride.

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