Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few photos from 'off-road' riding

Just a few pictures from our rides over the last couple of days.  We rode the SWAMP Wilderness Park Trails which were some of the best trails we have ridden in Florida.  The trail had many winds and twists but didn't feel like a Wild Chipmunk ride that has a much track squeezed into the smallest area possible just great single track and no climbing.

Great pine needle trail

Supportive wife
Next we hit-up what has been called the Carter Road Trails.  This was a shorter ride, but very interesting.  Again no climbing, but some very funky trail down fingers into alligator infested waters with some technically difficult terrain with watery penalty for failure.

Mad skillz!  Look out below!

with penalty...

alligators, pythons & cottonmouths oh my!

Cool feature

speed bump?
On regional difference we have noticed is how mountain biking is named in Florida.  All over the West and generally everywhere else that I have biked, trail riding has been called 'mountain biking'.  Not so much in Florida.  It is generally referred to as 'off-road biking'.  With good reason too and not because they strive to e unique.  The rides lack any elevation change, no climbing, no rolling hills just flat single track; fun flat fast single track.

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