Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raccoon Mountain Biking

Trigger - a Pivot Mach 5

A quick jaunt up the Mississippi River Trail near the St Louis Arch the only time Trigger has been released from the rack since I Saw a Bear in early August.  Raccoon Mountain was an awesome choice to dust off the fat tires with its well banked corners, moderate climbs, and beautiful scenery just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Pulling into the Visitor Center parking lot a SORBA trail maintenance trailer was prominently parked.  This brought back memories.  The first time I was exposed to SORBA was at about the mid-point of the Silver Rush 50 above Leadville, CO.  I’m not sure of the elevation but it was over 10,000’ and 25+ miles into the race when some fit SORBA team kit clad punk passes me like I’m not moving as I wheeze for my next labored breath while he mindlessly chats with his friend like they were rambling in the park.  Raccoon Mountain could have been one of the places that developed his fitness.  The mostly non-technical riding with options to create multiple loops makes it straightforward to create a workout of almost any length.   Thank you SORBA for all the time an effort that your volunteer team has put into this southeastern gem. 

The Visitor Center (please sign the log sheet) has a free basic map that will guide you through your options on the well signed trails.  No matter which parking option you choose to start this ride it appeared easier to ride counter-clockwise mostly because of the stepped steep trail below the pump station.  

I have not ridden it yet, but the paved roads up to the reservoir appear to make for a great roadie climb and loop too.


Joseph Crotty said...

Sweet that you are getting to check out some new trails!

Tony said...

I've been surprised by the great biking in the Chattanooga area. I'll be back when it's warmer--21 this morning.