Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santos Trail

Have you ever ridden a 20+ mile mountain bike ride (not on a trainer) and only logged 230 total feet of elevation gain? 

Today I had that honor starting at the Santos Trailhead of the the Cross Florida Greenway.  This trail system winds through and round the greenway to maximize the trail distance with minimal use of acreage.  The trail was fast and windy enough to keep you on your toes and easy enough to keep the grin ear-to-ear.  We managed to ride the trail with only one tree hit!  Which is quite a feat on this narrow tree lined singletrack.

I was expecting to only ride my road bike while in Flordia, but have been surprised to find great trails through beautiful forests while down here.  This  trail system is an IMBA Epic ride too, maintained by OMBA

Our ride was a loop even though the map looks a lot like an out-and-back.  The trail continued farther, but the over pass made a great turn around point.  Next time you come to Florida bring the mountain bike as well as the golf clubs...or just leave the golf clubs at home.

 One of the cool features of the trail is the I-75 over pass that Peggy is demonstrating the proper riding form. 

Greenway overpass

I-75 N & S

And we found Waldo so we can come home!

Here's Waldo!


Jenelle said...

did you just say leave the golf clubs? BLASPHEMY

Tony said...

i always leave the golf clubs. hmm not even sure golf clubs exist in my world any more!

Joseph Crotty said...

If only I could find a good set of clubs on the side of the road somewhere and then sell them on ebay for buku denaro and then pony up for the next mountain bike frame and start building out a stable! BTW - trip sounds sweet and Florida has to be a total gas. Been since I was a teenager down there in Sarasota and Ft. Myers beach to play tennis. Memories of mall video games on days off and uncles styling beach house and NCAA tourney games at night on the hotel TV.