Friday, December 10, 2010

Snake Creek Gap - Pinhoti Trail

Almost anywhere along Sherman's march south there is Civil War activity.  These sites proudly mark the activity and remind all of the history.  As you travel through the thick forest it's hard to imagine troops, artillery and supply wagons traversing this rough territory even today.  Our ride at Snake Creek Gap was no exception.

Snake Creek Gap section of the IMBA Epic Pinhoti Trail was a leaf covered and rocky-ish singletrack trail.  It climbs steeply for about a mile and a half then rolls for about five more to our turn around point.  There were multiple creek crossings that were partially iced over since we are in the midst of an "Arctic invasion" as one telecaster put it.  The trail does continue to Dug Gap and points beyond as this is just one section of a 140 mile trail that I would love to come back and ride completely...not today, not with this fitness level.

The leaf covered trails add an interesting level of difficulty to riding.  Depending on precipitation, the leaves can be dry and slick, wet and slick or just slick.  The leaves obscure roots, rock and other obstacles that keep you on your toes at all times or a quick trip off the trail will be in order.  The leaf blanket is also a bit disorienting as it's like watching a conveyor belt of plaid fabric run under your wheels hiding the hazards and sometimes even hiding the trail!

Anyway.  We had a good time and added yet another item to the bucket list.

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