Monday, January 31, 2011

Tucson musings

Is there rock climbing? Check. Is there mountain biking? Check. Is the weather sunny and dry? Check! A new blog post? Uhm, better get on that.

In an unexpected turn of events, we have found Tucson, AZ to be a compatible location for this time of year. We were originally headed to Vegas, but have found that we are enjoying Tucson. Have no fear, we are still Vegas bound, just not right now.

The weather has been fantastic. We have enjoyed sunny and warm days allowing us to climb comfortably in the shade. A pretty crazy thing to be doing during January. We calculate that it was about 8 weeks without climbing between when we left Tennessee and our arrival here. The climbing here is much different than any we have done in years. The gneiss and granite are featured slabs. A big change from the overhanging limestone and sandstone of the summer and fall. While the less than vertical climbs are good for footwork, I still prefer vertical to past vertical.

Mountain biking has been enjoyable and challenging. Cactus lined rocky trails keep ones attention and the consequences of going off trail could be vicious. There are a lot of excellent trails in the area. It will be fun to explore.

Well, I had intended to include some nifty photos of rock walls and cactus, but for some reason the photo upload just isn't working well today.

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Tiago said...

holy Jimmy Cactus batman! not sure where you guys are going to be in late March but.....I signed up for the True Grit 50 miler in St George...good riding, good climbing and hopefully good weather! Let me know if you might be around...