Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learned while Bouldering

Things that I learned today while bouldering in Saguaro National Park:

I'm lucky to have a rope gun

Everything is pokey
I'm more old than bold

Don't hike with bare feet

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trailer Park Trash

When we embarked on this adventure I had no idea the type of characters we would encounter on our tour of the country's RV Parks. What follows are profiles of the typical trailer park trash.

Retiree Snowbird.
This group are typically from the northern climates of Canada and the upper mid-west. They are past retirement age, usually in their 60s or 70s. Three times a day they can be seen walking the small and sometimes yippy dogs. This is followed by wandering around the park socializing with other park trash. Sometimes there are spurts of smoking, reading and general listlessness. Usually these types are friendly and curious which can be interpreted as nosey.

Retiree Resident.
This group lives full time in the park. They have most of the traits of the Retiree Snowbird, but spend 10-12 months in the park. In the case of those here in Tucson, they endure the 110 degree summers and proclaim, 'its a dry heat'. Whatever.

Skilled Workers.
These are single men who provide skilled labor for the local economy. They leave early and return late. Sighting of one of these is rare and they either have a shaved head or a mullet. This group includes plumbers, rail roaders, oilmen and electricians. Unlike the retirees, they do not have dogs and are not highly social.

These are folks that live in a trailer and leave each day for a professional job. Living in the park full-time and renting their space year-round. They are usually under 40 and without children. This is definitely an unexpected group to find in an RV Park. I had assumed that anyone living in an RV Park was a traveler of some sort.

Random Miss fits.
This group is made of two people. Tony and Peggy. We are not retirees, skilled workers or professionals. We are unemployed professional snowbirds.

Our little slice of the dream

There you have it. A profile of who can be found on any given day in any RV Park across America.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



I had no idea Tucson has so much to offer.

Mt Lemmon -Ruins

Don't hit that with your jimmy

Beautiful Sunsets

'Interesting' touron attractions

Bike racks

 Grouchy TPT