Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The dream is alive!

It has been a year since we sold most of our possessions and embarked on a long standing dream to travel, climb and mountain bike. There have been a few second guesses on our living choice, but absolutely no regrets. It has the been the best year since childhood. This despite two family deaths and the associated emotional roller coaster.

In our travels we have climbed in 6 new-to-us areas and visited or driven through 10 states. The breaks taken to be a tourist have ended in extra poundage and antsy longings for climbing or biking, but it has been worth it. We can now say we have seen the St Louis Arch, Chickamauga Battlefield, Everglades, Florida Keys, New Orleans and The Alamo. We can vouch for many mountain bike trails in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona. We know we never want to live in the southeast (no offense to our friends there) or in Las Vegas. However, we still don't know where or when the truck and trailer will stop at the end.

Favorite place to climb?
Peggy: Oh, I loved the Red River Gorge, but I would return to Bishop, CA before returning to the Red. Guess that makes Bishop my favorite.
Tony:  My favorite place to climb will always be the next one.  If I have to chose a past one, it would still be the choss-pile called Rifle Mountain Park.

Favorite non-climbing place?
Peggy: It is a toss up between Mexico Beach, FL and Tucson, AZ. Two completely different places that would draw me back for different reasons.
Tony: The beaches in Florida are spectacular, but the best activity in the cold weather is martini shaking.  For the best combination of activities and lack of humidity Tucson, AZ.

Most memorable moment?
Peggy: When I realized I had no idea what day it was.
Tony:  Realizing that everyday is Saturday!

Where do we go from here? Well, it looks like Maple Canyon is calling. It has been years since we enjoyed the cobbles and pocket pulling of the canyon. Oh, but wait! Lander, WY is sounding very enticing. We'll probably know the day we pull away from the farm here in Idaho.

Stay tuned.

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