Sunday, June 5, 2011

Climbing v. Office

The view from just above the Pipe Dream cave
Walking down from the Pipe Dream wall in Maple Canyon my body felt sore, depleted, bloody, insect bitten, raw and generally worn out.  It dawned on me that there is not much difference between an office job and rock climbing in that a day of doing either involves you:
  • Attempting to do your best 
  • Getting beat up for trying (There is no ‘try’ only  ‘do’ or ‘do not’ but don’t get me started)
  • Intermittent success and failure
  • Success only followed by dreaded feeling of ‘what now?’
  • Starting with optimism
  • Ending with a beat-up feeling with designs on tomorrow and dreams of tonight's martini.
The big difference is that a day at the office pays while a day at the crag costs.

With all these similarities and lack of pay why do I crave the drubbing, gobies, soreness, failure, pain, redpoints, etc that rock climbing provides and don’t miss the office.

Now HOW to make RV’ing, rock climbing and mountain biking pay…

A new level in climbing grades but 10e is as hard as 12c

Peggy viewing Shoshone Falls with high water

Artsy above the Buttermilks
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