Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chopper Dog

Chopper Dog passed away last night at 1:00 AM with Peggy holding him and making sure his last moments were comfortable.

Chopper had the biggest heart and the best "Hello" ever to greeting old and new friends alike. Sadly his enormous personality could not compensate for his weak heart.

 I miss him.

 I miss his "good morning"

 I miss his pants, snorts and snores.

He was my office budd--laying on his bed supervising my every action just itching to go on the next walk to sniff and investigate every leaf, grass, litter or whatever crossed his path. We called him the Professor because he would smell, investigating ever nuance of one spot until pulled away.

 I'm not sure what else to say. I am not sure how to come to terms with his passing. Chopper is now sniffing everything, playing frisbee and doing all those things his body would not allow.

Sic Balls Chopper!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Only once?

Is it possible for a person to be mentioned only once on the Internet?

Depending on how the Internet is defined, I'd say it's impossible to only occur once on the web.  For now, the web is defined as any data publicly available thru a URL in a browser--Google counts.  


A soon as the individual is mentioned on a url, the site is index, scrapped, shared and so on.  Each replication adding a mention.

So what is the minimum number of times a person/instance of data can occur on the Internet?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


While cycling with my former co-worker this weekend, we spied a pack of riders ahead of us. 

At what age do the people in front of you morph into just people out having fun.  Right now for me they are more than that.  They need to be reeled in.  They need to be behind me.  I must catch the rabbit.

Why?  Does this change?

Friday, June 8, 2012


Sometimes you get…

Other times you get…

My days can swing both ways.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I sense pending 'crazy'…

We are camped in Maple Canyon for a short weak of cobble pulling.  Most of today has been fettered away with laundry, pizza, groceries  and ice cream. 

It all started at the laundromat when Peggy overheard a local proclaiming that "Obama was going to kill us all at 52".  The was no reference was given I my guess is we need to live it up now because she must be in the 'know'.   Mt Pleasant, UT is where Fox News leaks State secrets for public consumption.  Now to figure out if she meant age 52 or 2052 as one is closer for me. 

The balance of the out of the canyon time was non-noteworthy.  Pizza @ Roy's was worth the drive.  Terrell's has the food goodies required for the last few days and the Roger & Jenny' Dairy Freeze took the edge off the sun while also substituting for a good dinner.  Climbing tomorrow may have to suffer for today's indulgences.

Now back at campsite 11 I'm starting yet another book that will not likely ever get finished (I've been reading Michaelangleo's Notebook for about 10 years now).  While reading the road through the canyon has given me a glimpse of what is to come this weekend.  There has been the minivan full of drunks, we witnessed switching out beer coolers for the crew while surfing for an open site.  The the coup de gras was the truck pulling the 20' trailer up the 4x4 recommended road only to back down, turn around and roll down the hill.  I didn't see any beer there at least yet. 

There have been more views into what the weekend will bring.  For now that is enough for me to know the camp will be full.  It will be loud.  And it could possibly even get a touch crazy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Goin' Back to Shelf Road...Shelf Road

When you read the title to this, think of and thank LL Cool J.  Not the NCIS LL Cool J but this one

Anyway the weekend trip will be our first climbing 'road-trip'  since we ended our grand voyage.  Pretty lame.  That said, it's been good to have a solid foundation and a more than ample heater for the snowy Denver winter.  Yes, I'm soft have not enduring a winter for two years. 

The cruise around the states taught us plenty about camping so as we pack the Edge with 20" spinners DUDE!!!  (Okay not spinners but it's a better mental picture)  We have an expanded list of must have to enhance our experience as elite dirt campers, most of which we picked up on our travels especially in Rifle and Beattville. 

Some of these may seem excessive, but that just reveals that you are not an elite dirt camper.  Must have list:
  • Tent
  • Food/Water
  • Clothes
  • 4000W generator with muffler removed to improve fuel efficiency
  • Loooooooong extension cord to keep the noise in others' camping area
  • Flat screen TV---the bigger the better
  • Boom box attached to TV to hear over generator
  • High Def Blu-Ray progressive scan 1080p wifi enabled 3D DVD player
  • 3D Campfire DVD with smoke perfume difuser
  • Sofa from porch
  • Booze of choice---quantity matters and more is preferred to less; quality is optional
  • 6 burner propane BBQ with smoker attachment
  • Horde of unmanaged rampaging juveniles and or adults with proper disrespect levels
  • 1 ATV per  camper that will be ridden through all campsites between 2:15 and 4:30 AM.
It should be fun.  If you are planning to camp at Shelf Road this weekend, I'd love to see you.  But if I see this me I'd run.
Not at Shelf Road

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

End of era

We sold the Mobile Suites yesterday.  A bitter sweet event. That truly marks the end of our journey.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spire Sales Progress

As an owner in Spire Denver, I am always curious about progress toward the completion of the sales phase.  Thankfully much of this information is publicly available from our city government online.  After downloading this information and parsing it a bit there are some interesting tidbits of information. 

The information was downloaded on Monday February 13 in the afternoon.  The lag between the actual sale date and when posted to the web is not currently known so there are some sales that have occurred but are not captured here as well as units that are under contract but have not yet closed.  It is assumed that units listed as owned by SPIRE DENVER LLC are unsold.  So with no further ado, here is what I found:

SPIRE Sales Status:
  • Total Units - 496
    • Sold - 301 (61%)
    • Unsold - 195 (39%)
  • Sky Club Units - 147 (units on 9th floor and floors 33 to 42)
    • Sold - 20 (14%)
    • Unsold - 127 (86%)
  • Non - Sky Club Units - 349
    • Sold - 281 (81%)
    • Unsold - 68 (19%)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spire Parking Options

I absolutely love living in the heart of downtown Denver.  Telling friends where to park when visiting has been somewhat of a mystery.  Today I took one step to solving that by walking the neighborhood and logging several different options.  

     o   14th & Champa under Colorado Convention Center
     o   One-way fares are just $2.25, $4.00, or $5.00 per person
     o   Theater District / Convention Center station.  The H, F and D lines stop here.

Off Street metered parking (I didn’t check all meters—just a couple right by the building)
     o   Champa
          §  30 min limit 8AM to 10PM
          §  Overnight parking is allowed10PM to 8AM
     o   14th Street
          §  2 hour limit 8AM to 10PM
          §  Overnight parking is allowed 10PM to 8AM

     o   Entrances from north bound Speer and west bound Champa
     o   Rates range from $8 for 12 hours to $25 for 24 hours.
     o   Garage - vehicle clearance is 8’2” and the maximum vehicle length is 19’0”
     o   Designated reserved parking stalls for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for up to 8 hours of FREE parking.

     o   Enter off Stout after 14th on left
     o   $10 All Day rate or $2 per half hour.
     o   surface lot

     o   Enter off California after 15th (just before 14th) on right
     o   $10 max from 6AM to 8PM or $5 per hour and $20 for 24 hours
     o   Surface lot

Corner of 15th St and Champa by Ruiz Parking

     o    Enter off of West bound 15th St on right just past Champa
     o   $4 /  30 min; Day Rates $10.00; Special event pricing too
     o  Surface lot next to pawn shop

Stout St before 15th by Time Park
     o   Enter off Stout Street after 14th (middle of block) on left
     o   $8 all day
     o   Surface lot (right next to strip club)

     o   Enter off Stout after 14th on right side
     o   Day Rates $8.00 to $15.00;  Night Rates $7.00 to $15.00
     o   Prices stated on reader board and likely to be higher at certain times
     o   Surface lot

Stout St before 15th by Time Park
     o   Enter off Stout Street after 14th (just before 15th) on right
     o   $10 all day
     o   Surface lot on corner

     o   Enter off Stout St just after 15th on left corner
     o   1st Hour: $5.00 - $10.00; 10 Hour: $10.00 - $15.00; Event Rate: $10.00 - $15.00
     o   Surface lot on corner

     o   Enter off California St just after 15th on right corner
     o   1st Hour: $5.00 - $10.00; 10 Hour: $10.00 - $15.00; Event Rate: $10.00 - $30.00
     o   Surface lot on corner

     o   Enter off Stout St after 15th on right
     o   $2 for 15 min; $8 for 1st hour; $12 daily max
     o   Covered garage max clearance 6’

Public Parking by Time
     o   Enter off Champa after 15th (just before Spire) on left side of street
     o   $7 all day
     o   Surface lot

Other parking garages in no particular order:

Additional parking informational links:
-   Parkopedia

If you see an error, additional info or know of other great resources please let me know by comment or email as I will attempt to periodically update the information. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Good Things...

You know the second part of that phrase is "come to an end". 

This is true of our trip and fifth wheel adventure.  We have listed our 2008 Mobile Suite by Doubletree 32TK3 for sale on

We have a few pictures of the fifth wheel shown here and a Google+ page also.  

Help us spread the word as we want someone to continue to enjoy the coach as much as we did.  I can be contacted either by comments to blog or Google+ page, email and phone call.

More about the 2008 Mobile Suites 32 TK3 by Doubletree (DRV):

FOR SALE: 2008 Mobile Suites 32TK3 - Non Smoker - Excellent Condition

This is a hard to find length and floor plan in a high end unit at just less than 34', incredible insulation values and up-market features. This is an awesome coach in excellent condition has 405W of solar panels (3) and upgraded battery storage with four 6 volt batteries. It can be pulled with a single rear wheel truck. I pulled it with a 2011 Ford F350 4x4 SRW. The next larger Mobile Suites requires a dual rear axle to pull.

Non-smoking unit. No accidents.

The 32TK3 is a three slide Mobile Suites fifth wheel with day/night shades throughout includes:

Rear Living Area:
- Hide-a-bed sofa with two side tables
- leather recliner
- Cinnamon Maple overhead storage cabinets
- flat-panel Samsung TV
- Sony stereo and surround sound speakers
- Sony 5 disc DVD player
- Winegard satellite dish – roof mounted
- Ceiling fan

Kitchen Area:
- Cinnamon Maple Cupboards
- 3 burner range
- gas oven
- GE Convection/ microwave oven
- Dometic residential style stainless steel refrigerator/freezer
- Lighted pantries and kitchen island toe kicks
- L-shaped kitchen counter w/double kitchen sink and residential Moen faucet
- dining table w/ 4 chairs
- entry closet
- Fantastic fan
- central vacuum system

Bedroom Area:
- private toilet area
- plumbed wash/dryer/wardrobe closet
- corner shower with flip down seat
- bathroom vanity with drawers and sink (residential Moen faucet)
- medicine cabinet
- flat-panel TV overhead
- residential queen bed
- full end wall wardrobe with built in floor safe
- washer dyer prep

Solar System:
- Three (3) Kyocera 135 Watt Solar Modules – roof mounted
- Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL Charge Controller
- Magnum MS2812 2800 Watt Pure Sine Inverter w/125 Amp Charger and remote display
- Four (4) six volt golf-cart style batteries

- 2" wired hitch (for boat, trailer or bike rack)
- Aluminum Wheels with Goodyear
- powered awning with wind sensor
- Dometic 15,000 BTU low profile A/C
- Suburban 42,000 BTU furnace
- Suburban 12 gal. gas/elec. DSI water heater
- 50 amp service with detachable cord
- Powered digital TV antenna
- Slide out propane tray with two 40# tanks
- Hydraulic slide outs with select push button controls
- Twin 8,000# axles with shocks and sealed bearings
- TrailAir EquaFlex rubber equalizer suspension
- Disc brakes

All reasonable offers will be considered.

More pictures: Google + Page

Learn more about Doubletree RVs (DRV) Mobile Suites with this PDF:Doubletree 2008 Mobile Suites Information

in Tucson, AZ

in Rifle Mountain Park, CO

in Marathon, FL

in Everglades National Park