Monday, February 13, 2012

Spire Sales Progress

As an owner in Spire Denver, I am always curious about progress toward the completion of the sales phase.  Thankfully much of this information is publicly available from our city government online.  After downloading this information and parsing it a bit there are some interesting tidbits of information. 

The information was downloaded on Monday February 13 in the afternoon.  The lag between the actual sale date and when posted to the web is not currently known so there are some sales that have occurred but are not captured here as well as units that are under contract but have not yet closed.  It is assumed that units listed as owned by SPIRE DENVER LLC are unsold.  So with no further ado, here is what I found:

SPIRE Sales Status:
  • Total Units - 496
    • Sold - 301 (61%)
    • Unsold - 195 (39%)
  • Sky Club Units - 147 (units on 9th floor and floors 33 to 42)
    • Sold - 20 (14%)
    • Unsold - 127 (86%)
  • Non - Sky Club Units - 349
    • Sold - 281 (81%)
    • Unsold - 68 (19%)

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