Friday, April 6, 2012

Goin' Back to Shelf Road...Shelf Road

When you read the title to this, think of and thank LL Cool J.  Not the NCIS LL Cool J but this one

Anyway the weekend trip will be our first climbing 'road-trip'  since we ended our grand voyage.  Pretty lame.  That said, it's been good to have a solid foundation and a more than ample heater for the snowy Denver winter.  Yes, I'm soft have not enduring a winter for two years. 

The cruise around the states taught us plenty about camping so as we pack the Edge with 20" spinners DUDE!!!  (Okay not spinners but it's a better mental picture)  We have an expanded list of must have to enhance our experience as elite dirt campers, most of which we picked up on our travels especially in Rifle and Beattville. 

Some of these may seem excessive, but that just reveals that you are not an elite dirt camper.  Must have list:
  • Tent
  • Food/Water
  • Clothes
  • 4000W generator with muffler removed to improve fuel efficiency
  • Loooooooong extension cord to keep the noise in others' camping area
  • Flat screen TV---the bigger the better
  • Boom box attached to TV to hear over generator
  • High Def Blu-Ray progressive scan 1080p wifi enabled 3D DVD player
  • 3D Campfire DVD with smoke perfume difuser
  • Sofa from porch
  • Booze of choice---quantity matters and more is preferred to less; quality is optional
  • 6 burner propane BBQ with smoker attachment
  • Horde of unmanaged rampaging juveniles and or adults with proper disrespect levels
  • 1 ATV per  camper that will be ridden through all campsites between 2:15 and 4:30 AM.
It should be fun.  If you are planning to camp at Shelf Road this weekend, I'd love to see you.  But if I see this me I'd run.
Not at Shelf Road

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