Thursday, May 31, 2012

I sense pending 'crazy'…

We are camped in Maple Canyon for a short weak of cobble pulling.  Most of today has been fettered away with laundry, pizza, groceries  and ice cream. 

It all started at the laundromat when Peggy overheard a local proclaiming that "Obama was going to kill us all at 52".  The was no reference was given I my guess is we need to live it up now because she must be in the 'know'.   Mt Pleasant, UT is where Fox News leaks State secrets for public consumption.  Now to figure out if she meant age 52 or 2052 as one is closer for me. 

The balance of the out of the canyon time was non-noteworthy.  Pizza @ Roy's was worth the drive.  Terrell's has the food goodies required for the last few days and the Roger & Jenny' Dairy Freeze took the edge off the sun while also substituting for a good dinner.  Climbing tomorrow may have to suffer for today's indulgences.

Now back at campsite 11 I'm starting yet another book that will not likely ever get finished (I've been reading Michaelangleo's Notebook for about 10 years now).  While reading the road through the canyon has given me a glimpse of what is to come this weekend.  There has been the minivan full of drunks, we witnessed switching out beer coolers for the crew while surfing for an open site.  The the coup de gras was the truck pulling the 20' trailer up the 4x4 recommended road only to back down, turn around and roll down the hill.  I didn't see any beer there at least yet. 

There have been more views into what the weekend will bring.  For now that is enough for me to know the camp will be full.  It will be loud.  And it could possibly even get a touch crazy.

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