Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chopper Dog

Chopper Dog passed away last night at 1:00 AM with Peggy holding him and making sure his last moments were comfortable.

Chopper had the biggest heart and the best "Hello" ever to greeting old and new friends alike. Sadly his enormous personality could not compensate for his weak heart.

 I miss him.

 I miss his "good morning"

 I miss his pants, snorts and snores.

He was my office budd--laying on his bed supervising my every action just itching to go on the next walk to sniff and investigate every leaf, grass, litter or whatever crossed his path. We called him the Professor because he would smell, investigating ever nuance of one spot until pulled away.

 I'm not sure what else to say. I am not sure how to come to terms with his passing. Chopper is now sniffing everything, playing frisbee and doing all those things his body would not allow.

Sic Balls Chopper!!!

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e-bone said...

So very sad for us to hear. We know how much you loved this guy. Here's hoping time will bring you comfort and peace. We'll be thinking of you guys and that awesome pupster.